Ready to break-up with your megabank?

Our database contains hundreds of options that are leading community development banking and investing institutions.  In addition to banks and credit unions, there are hundreds of loan funds nationally.  Loan funds provide high-impact lending to low income communities.  Unlike banks and credit unions, their products are not insured, but they have a long track record of successfully protecting investors’ principal.

If you are not finding a financial institution that meets your needs, you can use the links below to search a larger field of small banks and credit unions.  Remember, while any smaller bank will have far less negative impacts than a megabank, you may not approve of all of their lending practices (even if local).

Other links:

National Community Investing Fund : Use NCIF’s Bank Impact Tool to find mission-oriented banks that support low-to-moderate income communities.

Office of the Comptroller of the Currency: Minority Owned National Banks : National banks owned by racial minorities and by women

Independent Community Bankers Association

My Credit Union database

(Note: with credit unions you will need to ask if you meet their eligibility criteria for membership)